06.10.2006 - New version 5.5.4. Big work had been done. New trade types, CM features like cells CTR count, full gallery grab and much more

26.05.2006 - New version 5.3.15. All known bugs finally fixed, a lot of improvements has been made. This version can be count as stable.

29.07.2005 - The release of Version 5.1. All known errors have been fixed. Small changes in the admin interface: webmasters info has been moved to the separate column, sites' name and trade start date can be shown on the main stats table.
You can control script run time with a new special statistics. It can be usefull to track your servers' loding.
New option to add/edit short forces for a group of selected trades in one time.
Trades importer from the versions below 5.x will save your time for upgrade.

Rread the manual and take a look at admin demo to get the full picture of script possibilities.

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